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[Lotus notes] Count total document in View and group by categories Turn Back

2019-01-17 17:23:38


1. Create a view and get data from database (some form).

2. Create the first column for the categories that you need of each document (rename to Year)

3. Click the column then put formula to below box:


DocDate is a field that document creation date. but get year only.

4. At column tab, Click right and select "Column Properties" > Select "sorting" tab (2nd tab)

5.  In sorting window, Choose the "Ascending" and type is "Categorized" and check "Show multiple values as separate entries" then OK.

6. Create the second column and rename to Total, Click the head title column and put this code:


This code will count total rows in a categories and show on this column


** From this view, you can create a macro agent to create a report, I will show in the next content.



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